About Breeze Wind

Breeze-Wind is a new innovated ideal to the traditional American unisex winter accessories. Provides amazing flexibility, warmth, style and convenience for those unexpected weather conditions. Provides you an U shape opening for viewing and unfolds to cover ¾ of the head including the ears, and secure positioning with two Velcro fasteners.

Winter Solutions & Benefits

Resolves the possibility of having insufficient garment to wrap for protection from those Autumn Chilly Breezes Or Winter Gusty Winds. Won’t drop, come loose, leaks air , gives you those discomfort lumpy neck or those unattractive wrapping, and possible lessen the number of colds, sore throats, or sinus problems.The advantages of Breeze-Wind are it eliminate the need for two separate wraps for the face and neck, lumpy neck ties, messy hair and loose garment that don’t stay in place. A bigger advantage of Breeze-Wind is it provides convenience, warmth, stylish positioning, flexibility, and protection for all the winter conditions other than rain.

What makes Breeze-Wind beneficial ? Its a one piece unisex winter garment with six adjustments, provides flexibility, warmth, style and convenience. That gives adequate covers to essential areas such as the chest, neck, and face, plus as a Bonus unfolds to a U shape opening for viewing & wraps 3/4 around the head temples to temples, Coves that uncovered spot on the back of head above the neck (adj-4). Its family friendly which makes it is easy and simply to adjust,

How To Wear Breeze Wind

Testi monies

Perfect for commuters using public transportation, Outdoor Workers, School Guards, delivery drivers and Winter sports activities; and for those that suffers serious winter sort throats or colds.

  • Steve

    This is the best investment I've ever made. I'm a cyclist and I really know what cold fells like, so treat yourself and buy at least two.

  • Happy Client

    I wear Breeze-wind because is sunch a smart idea and looks very cool, I like the colors and is so easy to wear, have so many ajustments to wear I love to use it over a scarf.

  • Happy Client

    I look this new practical breeze wind is a sunch usefel scarf, It doesn't slip off your neck it always stay in its place and it goes in many different styles around your face, head and neck. My favorite ajustment is the 5th one because my ears are cover on the cold wind, and when I wear a hat I like the 3rd ajustment as it covers my checks avoiding wind and cold burns. Breeze wind is also pretty easy to take care of, is easy to wash and wear, is made in a nice soft fabric with nice colors.

  • Happy Client

    My husband is always cold and Breeze Wind is warn, is snuggly, is soft and I love it! His favorite ajustment is 2nd one.

  • Marlon

    I like it because it comes around my neck and keep it warn and I can put it around my face when the wind and the snow is blowing is very good covering your ears and keeping the wind away. It is a very good product to go around.

  • Ashley

    It is fabulous I walk a lot and it keeps me warn, it is very soft, feels good and it has many ways to use it, it is very versatile. I like the ajustment that covers under my nose.

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